Explore at your own pace



Regardless if your are a adventurist or just don't like to be limited to certain time schedules and predefined places, hiring a private vehicle removes all bounderies and the sense of freedom will awaken the wanderlust in you.


It has never been more simple than it is now to rent-a-car, however, we are there to prepare you entirely - from a custom itinerary, 

24/7 support, hire a professional guide to join you or even a driver so you can relax and enjoy the trip.


We offer a wide selection of vehicles: economy, comfort, luxury, convertibles, VIP vans, SUVs. 

For the adventurist types, we provide off-road experiences with specially tuned and fully equipped jeeps and buggies.


All hires include consultation with our travel experts and a suggested tailored route for an enhanced experience.


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